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5G technology in INDIA

5g technology in india

In this modern Era, technology is starting to increase day by day. Due to which 5G is one of the popular technologies and in 2023 every mobile is-coming with 5G connectivity. Almost all the networks companies in India like Jio, Airtel etc are selling it. However, there are various  benefits and drawbacks of 5G technology in India that may affect the people.

Moreover, the implementation of 5G technology will also help in bridging the digital difference between urban and rural areas. 5g internet access even in remote regions where broadband infrastructure is limited or non existent. It provides opportunities for education, e-commerce platforms. So small businesses ensure that every Indian can benefit from this 5g technology.


There are everlasting benefits of 5g technology:-

1)SPEED : 5G provides 100 mbps of speed whereas 4G provides 30 Mbps. It is a huge difference in case speed.User can browse without any problem in speed.

2)No hinders: Being the fastest network, 5G also provides less latency in their internet. So ,it will be beneficial for the content creators or other businesses  to do their work without any interruption.

3)Industrial changes: As 5G is the highest internet network, So it will also change the healthcare, manufacturing and transport sector completely. Out of which the vehicles will  also change their features which can be used with the internet and anyone can control it with their gadgets like mobiles tablets etc.


1)Environmental effects: 5g technology requires high energy and it may affect the surroundings especially in highly populated areas.

2)Availability:5G technology is new in the trend but it is not available in all the areas of India like villages or other areas in the outskirts.

3)Compatibility: As i had already said that the 5g network is new.So it is not compatible with all old devices which is a negative point for all old device users and only latest launched mobiles are supporting 5g network .

4)Health issues: 5G is the fastest of all networks but it causes various health issues as the radiation it emmitt is very harmful.So,everyone should use it by giving breaks to their health.


5g is getting popular day by day but everyone should be aware of all its pros and their cons.So, that they must take some measures against problems.

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