iphone 13

  On September 24, 2021 Iphone 13 Pro released. It is the 15th generation iphone. 


  •  CAMERA :  Iphone 13 pro comes with 12  megapixels triple camera with ultra wide and 12mp sensor. Company also provides a 3D sensor.
  • HARDWARE: Apple A15 Bionic which is still one of the best processors in 2023. It comes with an IOS system which is better than android. The Iphone 13 pro comes with various storage options 128gb, 256gb, 512gb and 1tb.
  • SECURITY: Iphone is always known for its security as well as privacy . That is better than other phones.
  • DISPLAY: In 2023 13 pro have best display, brightness and high refresh rate. 13 pro comes with a high quality display and it also has ProMotion technology.
  • CONNECTION: Iphone provides 5g connectivity which is highest in 2023 because 5g was in huge demand after 2022.
  • BATTERY: 13 pro comes with a 3095 mAh battery which is 3.87 volt. This battery lasts till 6-7 hours. 


  1. Newer iphones come with better performance . However,now buying the 13 pro is not a bad deal because it is still the best mobile with quality features.
  2. Processor of 13 pro is one of the best then other mobiles.
  3. Iphone always optimises their mobiles in such a way that its customers never face any difficulty for 3-4 years.
  4. Camera quality is better than other mobile phones which are newly launched. IPhone always improves their camera quality by their software updates.


  1. It will not be the best deal for them who want better battery health. In the future iPhone the battery life will increase.
  2. If someone requires the best processor and they don’t have any budget issues then they can go for the latest variants .
  3. There are some people who are very serious with the latest design, so it will not be a good deal for them because the iPhone has launched the latest models with best designs.

NOTE:It will be a good deal for them who don’t have any issues regarding design then they can go for this variant because it provides best features and performance. Moreover, now it is selling at the best price due to which any one who cannot afford 90 thousand to 1 lakh can buy this at approximately half prices. 

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