Ai has become an essential part of our lives whether they are students or professionals. These AI tools are very powerful . Moreover these tools can provide bulk data in just seconds. Due to which it saves a lot of time and people who are using it completely rely on the information provided by these tools.

There are many AI tools in  the market nowadays. Some of the most used AI tools are chatgpt, bard, grammarly, quillbot etc. According to the report people are making constant searches on ai image generators in which most of these tools are free ai image generators. As these are free AI tools,the number of people who are using it are increasing day by day.


However, these powerful AI tools have many advantages as well as disadvantages.

  1. Availability : As these AI tools are available 24/7. That is a plus point for each and every person using these tools. 
  2. Global access: One of the great advantages is that these tools can be used across the world. They can use them in Europe, Asia or any part of the world where the internet is available.
  3. Speed and accuracy: An important factor using these AI tools is that they provide fast information . This information is accurate enough to use in any field.
  4. Blog writing: Bloggers will be able to find accurate information from  AI tools like chatbot, bard, etc. Moreover, many people can make money with ai by content writing with the help of chatgpt online.


  1. Cost: In the beginning these AI tools charge a lot to get access due to which many people can’t afford these charges.
  2. Substitution of jobs: There are various AI tools which replace the workforce due to which there is reduction in jobs and the problem of unemployment is increasing day by day on the global scale.
  3. CONNECTIVITY ISSUE: Most AI tools need an uninterrupted  internet  connection which is not available in all locations .So,many people are unable to take advantage of these AI tools.

As these AI tools are very useful but by using these AI tools one can face various difficulties while using them . So, a person who wants to use them should be well known with their merits and demerits. 

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